Original taste, high quality and one of best prices – it is about our Pophouse popcorn.
We have over 10 exciting flavors:

  • Sweet popcorn – sweet, mix
  • Salted popcorn – salted, cheddar cheese
  • Caramelized popcorn – caramelized popcorn classic, with chocolate taste, strawberry taste, orange taste, apple taste, banana taste, with coconut crumb, peanuts.

We like to develop something new!

Snacks and more Ltd was established in 2016. We export our popcorn to 7 countries, including Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and others. We are proud of the feedback’s from our customers regarding quality and costs of our popcorn. We offer popcorn of various types and tastes, from salty or traditional sweet to Gourmet (caramelized) popcorn with strawberry flavor or coconut crumb. We are so proud of our Gourmet popcorn, which is made with air-popped method and caramel, which is handmade, it does not contain artificial flavors and colors.